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That evolve with you, uniting sustainability and technology.


Why have a CAPSO¹?


CAPSO¹ is revolutionizing the way you buy a house. Sustainable (carbon positive) and featuring the world's most modern building materials and systems, and smart design, CAPSO¹ redefines comfort and style. Choose a home that delivers sustainability, quality of life, and a greener future.


Join the smart housing revolution with CAPSO¹ – a choice not just for today, but for future generations.

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Personal Assistant

Mitchel, in CAPSO¹, is designed to be extremely friendly and efficient. It uses an intuitive interface and natural language to interact with residents, making the usage experience pleasant and accessible for everyone. Mitchel learns from daily interactions, customizing home settings to meet individual preferences, from shopping lists to managing energy efficiency, water and ambient temperature. It's an excellent guardian when the house is alone, and commands all home appliances like coffee makers, washing machines, and cleaning robots. Additionally, its ability to integrate with other smart devices and receive regular updates ensures it is always improving, becoming an increasingly effective assistant and a valuable companion in the daily life of the residence.

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