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CAPSO¹ redefines sustainable living, delivering carbon-neutral smart homes in just one day, optimized for energy efficiency and constantly enhanced through remote updates.

Housing Crisis in Ireland

  • Severe shortage of affordable and social housing.

  • Growing imbalance between housing demand and supply.

  • Challenges in Housing Sector:

  • Inadequate construction of new housing.

  • Sustainability issues in building practices.

  • Energy Efficiency:

  • New constructions not meeting energy reduction expectations.

  • High greenhouse gas emissions from the building sector.

  • Environmental Impact:

  • Construction industry as a major contributor to CO2 emissions, energy use, and waste.

  • Labour Shortage:

  • Lack of skilled labour causing project delays and increased costs.

  • Barrier to innovation and efficiency in construction.

  • Unsustainable Building Materials:

  • Reliance on materials like cement with high CO2 emissions.

  • Need for greener, sustainable material alternatives.

Introducing the Solution - CAPSO¹

 - Al CAPSO homes are created on an advanced assembly line, using automation to produce components, ensuring precision, quality, and speed from manufacturing to final assembly.

- Micro Clean Energy Power Plant: Each residence will be a micro clean energy power plant. With this innovation, for every two Capso homes, enough energy is generated to light up other traditional homes.

- Capso homes are designed to be carbon positive, generating carbon credits. The materials used come from reforestation and environmentally correct processes.

Behind the CAPSO¹

CEO Diego Borges

Our CEO Diego Borges, a visionary engineer with over 15 years of experience in construction processes, possessing a futuristic and analytical perspective, is ready to transform the Irish housing market.

Nevertheless, we recognize the need to expand our team with more experts in engineering, technology, marketing, and global operations.

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